Easy Wine Glass Charms

Earlier, I blogged about crafty wine glass charms that I created by picking up some cute dangling charms and some earring hoops/findings from my local craft store. The charms were simple to make and will be great to use at my next party!

paper tags

I used inexpensive paper tags to create my new wine-glass charms.

When I found some paper tags (the kind that are sometimes used as tags to identify house keys), I decided to make some more wine-glass charms, so I could have more charms for guests once I have another get-together.
So, using the paper tags, I added some cute three-dimensional scrapbooking flowers I had on hand and some glitter glue. The tags are cute and will serve their purpose.

wine glass charms

The wine glass charms I created with paper tags, scrapbooking stickers and some glitter glue.

My kids were planning to bring their lunches to school the next day, so I made a tag for each of their lunch bags. My girls love when I tuck a note into their lunch bags, so I added a little message for each daughter on the back of the tags. When they saw the tags on their lunch bags the next day, they were happy with the cute decorations and the little notes written on back of their tags. So now, my “wine glass tags” have a dual purpose!

lunch bag charm

One of the charms that I created for my daughters’ lunch bags.