Keeping the Stove Clean

If there’s one thing that drives me crazy about my kitchen, it is how there are spaces between the stove and the countertop. The spaces are just big enough to allow particles of food and spices to slip between the cracks, making it difficult to keep the kitchen clean. I cringe to think about what’s probably accumulated between the stove and my home’s kitchen cabinets! (I am afraid I’ll rip the laminate flooring in my kitchen or cause worse damage if I try to move the stove to clean behind it.)

gap, stove, counter

One of the annoying gaps between my home’s stove and the kitchen counter

I’ve thought about caulking the space, and have kept a large cutting board over one of the gaps with the hopes of keeping debris out of the gaps.

No More Food Between the Counter and the Stove

Well, just yesterday, I had tea over at a local mom’s house (thanks, Khyati!), and noticed a product she had in place in her very clean kitchen that would be great for my stove-gap woes. Placed within the gaps and covering those spaces were something called “Kleen Seams” (Range Kleen 687 Metal Kleen Seam), strips of silicone with a bottom wedge that slips in space between the stove and the counters in the kitchen to bridge the gaps. The Kleen Seams are topped with flat pieces of white silicone that fully cover the gaps, so particles of food can’t slip through. Ingenious!

I had an errand to run after our get-together, so after the errand, I quickly ran into the local Walmart and picked up two Kleen Seams of my own for just $5.97 each. I am happy to report that so far, they are working out great!

Kleen Seam, gap, stove

The Kleen Seams I purchased now covers the gaps between my home’s stove and the kitchen counters.