Best of 2012: Garage Organization

Hello! Here at Mom Home Guide, I’ve been busy reviewing some of my posts from 2012. It’s a good reminder of all the projects I’ve completed the past year, but most importantly, it’s a BIG reminder of all the projects that I HAVE YET TO COMPLETE!

A really big project that I need to finish is the garage. For years, I’ve wanted to install a garage opener in the garage. (I want to make entry into the garage during the cold winter much quicker!) But, before I can complete that project, I need to finish painting the garage — I only have about 1.5 of the walls painted and I have to paint the ceiling, which is really high!

But, I have gotten some organizing done in my home’s garage — I’ve organized the existing shelves in the garage, and I added a coat rack and some bins for our shoes, to create an extra mini mudroom area in our home. Read the below post for a really cool pegboard project that I think could spiff up and organize my garage and just about anybody’s garage!

This is what I wrote last October (before the big hurricane) about organizing my home’s garage.

Yesterday, with Hurricane Sandy approaching New Jersey, my husband and I managed to clean out the garage enough so we were actually able to park both of our cars in our two-car garage.

Getting the cars in our garage is a major accomplishment, since this is the first time we’ve parked both cars in the garage since we moved in more than nine years ago. In the garage is so much stuff – boxes of stuff for storage, bikes, ladders, a lawn mower, and plenty of recreational items like beach umbrellas, folding chairs and athletic equipment.

We were able to make space in the garage by stuffing lots of stuff into our backyard storage shed. But come spring, it will be really difficult to get our landscaping gear and plastic lawn furniture out of that crowded space.

Getting Organized

So, once the storm dies down, I hope to focus my organizing efforts on the garage and get some wall storage into place. I already plan to make a mini mudroom area in the garage so the front entry of our home will get less wear in tear. I also hope to paint some pegboard a pretty color (perhaps green, my favorite color) and create areas to hang up our shovels, tools, etc. I really love the below look — I might have to make my pegboard look just like this!

garage, pegboard, organize

A pegboard garage organizing system shown on


Colorful Pegboard

I really love the pegboard ideas that are shown on the website, I especially adore the green and white, checkerboard-patterned pegboard that’s shown in one garage. The pegboard adds a nice splash of color and design element to the garage, and on the pegboard is hung everything from tools, to a paper towel holder to a clock. I like the idea of using pegboard to organize gear in the garage since it is super cheap and because I can customize it the way I want with paint. I could even spray paint a word or initials on the pegboard for more customization.

But for now, we are hunkered down, waiting out Hurricane Sandy. But once Sandy clears out (and if we don’t have any hurricane-related repairs to focus on), I will be at my local Home Depot to pick up some pegboard and hooks!

3/6/13: Editor’s Note — my neighborhood was pretty lucky, and we only sustained minimal hurricane damage. My home and some of my neighbors’ homes lost flashing from the roof, while there were a few downed trees in our town. I am hoping that New Jersey’s shore/beach towns will get the help they need to repair the damage from Hurricane Sandy — there’s still lots to be done!

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  1. We are sitting in a spring blizzard discussing getting our garage in order. I love how cheery and bright the garage is. I wonder how well the white will hold up?

  2. Your garage have a very nice color combination, it’s relaxing to the eyes! I should fix up our garage too it could be used for more purposes aside from being storage only.

    • Thanks, Joel — this actually isn’t my garage (I wish it was!) but a garage that I aspire to have! Thanks for your visit.