Safe Kitchen Knife Storage with a Knife Block

We all have them — the kitchen drawer that is just a mess! That drawer for me used to be the knife drawer. That is, until I purchased an inexpensive knife block.

My kitchen counters are already pretty filled with appliances like the toaster oven and my bread maker, so I haven’t wanted to purchase one of those countertop knife-blocks for chef knives and other sharp knives.

So instead, I used to store all my knives in one big kitchen drawer. But that meant that there were all sorts of knives in that drawer without any sleeves or any sort of protection on them. So, one had to be very careful about putting one’s hand in that drawer!

ktichen drawer

My kitchen’s knife drawer before the knife block.

Safe Storage with a Knife Block

My knife drawer is no longer unsafe, anymore, however. That’s because I recently visited my local Bed, Bath and Beyond Store. I wanted to participate in the Spring Cleaning Challenge at Anna Mosley’s blog, so I thought that organizing my kitchen’s knife drawer would be a quick and easy organizational challenge to complete for that challenge! The drawer has several chef knives stored in it, and used to be a rather unsafe place to stick one’s hand into!

At Bed, Bath and Beyond,  I found the perfect solution to my problem: a wooden and cork knife dock that is made so you can simply store your knives safely in a drawer — the knife block has soft cork dividers in which you can nest your knifes, so you don’t have to worry about cutting your hand on the pointy edge of a knife when going through your drawer! I also like that the drawer knife block is made from sustainable and recycled materials — since I try to be green and eco-friendly when I can!

What I especially like about the cork dividers in the knife block is that they can accommodate different sizes and numbers of knives. I was able to store all of my kitchen’s knives in that one knife block. And since the drawer in which the knife blocks rests is pretty wide, I still have room on the other side to place other utensils. (All of my knives do fit in the block, even though it looks like from the photo below that I forgot to put two of the knives in the knife block — silly me! All of the knives are in the knife block now.)


kitchen drawer, knife block

My home’s kitchen drawer could use a little more organization, but it’s safer now!

Bed, Bath and Beyond Coupon

I didn’t have any coupons with me when I went to purchase my knife block, but one of the salespeople there was nice enough to give me a one, so I got the drawer knife dock, which normally sells for about $30, at 20% off. (It seems that the staff at the store keep the coupons on hand for customers like me who wouldn’t normally buy something if they don’t have a coupon — I was about to walk out because I forgot mine.)

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  1. Carolyn Scaturro says:

    Thanks for sharing. Great idea. Though everytime I have asked BBB if they have a coupon, the answer is no…..

    • Sorry to hear that. I got my coupon from the gift registry desk — I was there purchasing a few gifts for a cousin who is getting married!

    • Hi, Carolyn! I got the coupon at the gift registry desk, because I was buying some wedding gifts for a cousin who’s registered there — maybe that’s why I got the coupon!