Finishing a Basement on a Budget

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I still haven’t gotten around to clearing out my home’s basement (or at least, moving all the junk to just one area of the basement), but I am excited about new DIY finishing a basement on a budget ideas that I’ve found online.

At the moment, my basement is mostly used for storage. My husband installed a wall of shelving in our basement for me. The shelves do a great job in containing our stuff!

shelves, basement, storage

My basement storage system

My dream for the basement would be to create a fun game room for my kids, complete with a TV, ping pong table and mini fridge! I have even put my own basement wish list together!

Basement Wish List

These are items that I think would make a simple unfinished basement a usable and fun space:

RCA – IGLOO 3.2 CU FT Platinum Fridge –  This fridge would be handy for storing a few cold drinks and snacks!

Large Flat-Screen TV – With a big flat screen TV, my kids could host get togethers with their friends in our basement and watch movies together.

Ping Pong Table


dream basement rec room

I was thinking of using Rustoleum’s basement floor epoxy on the floors and a Rustoleum epoxy on the walls to finish my home’s basement on a budget. I would go with either tan on the floors and walls, or gray, but I haven’t been able to choose between the two.

Using the epoxy would be extremely cost effective, but it would be a time consuming process, as I would have to first carefully clean the walls and floors (so the epoxy could adhere to the service) and then apply the epoxy. Considering that I might want to turn at least half of our basement into a semi-finished space, there would be a lot of painting to do!

Basement with painted blue walls and laminate floor

My dream basement. (Source: Pinterest)

Recently, however, I’ve found great basement finishing a basement on a budget photos where the wooden ceiling is stained a dark color, the cement walls are painted, and there are faux wood/laminate on the floor. I love that look, and it really makes the basement — which is essentially, still unfinished, look homey. I like the look above with the sofa, area rug and hanging drum light.

I would love to create this finishing a basement on a budget project in my basement! I think Ikea’s Ektorp love seat would look great in this space.

On Pinterest, I found some great peel and stick “plank” laminate flooring from Lumber Liquidators. At just over $1 a square foot, it would be a more expensive option than using epoxy on the floors, but it would look great! Plus, I think it would be quicker to put this flooring down than to use the epoxy.

To see some great DIY/remodeling ideas I’ve found for finishing a basement ona budget, check out my Unfinished Basement Ideas Pinterest board.

Have ideas on how to improve a basement on a budget? I’d love to hear from you!




  1. My garage floor was painted 20 years ago with a gray paint of some kind that held up very well, no peeling at all, just showing some wear, so I hired a painter to prepare my floor using the Rust-Oleum Epoxy system kit which includes an etching product. Again, my floor was very clean and in great shape, no moisture. Soon after installing the epoxy system and waiting 7 days before parking my cars in the garage, I began seeing hot tire marks where the epoxy is being lifted under the tire. Rust-Oleum guarantees against this and sent us a repair kit, we installed the kit but we are still experiencing the same problem. Bottom line is; the product did not adhere to my old paint.Rust Oleum offered to pay the contractor to rent a grinder to remove the product under the tire area or refund my money for the two kits I purchased. I am going to take the refund. I now have to find a way to remove the product and the original paint from the entire floor before proceeding with a new coatingIf anyone has any suggestions, I’d appreciate hearing from you..

    • Good luck! I haven’t tried the Rustoleum product yet, but am hoping to. I suspect that that the Rustoleum isn’t sticking to your floor because some of the old paint might still be there.

    • you are better off to use a sdenar and remove all of the loose and peeling paint and then re-apply. No different than if it was your first application. It should be fine once you have a clean surface with no flaking or loose paint.I have had to do touch-ups to my flooring in the basement where I applied the same epoxy floor paint and the pool filter leaked on it. Once I dried it and scraped off the peeling paint and sanded it to remove all the loose stuff then applied a fresh coat and all is well.cheers