An Easter Garden Flag Craft

I am always astonished at how much it costs to purchase small decorative garden flags — most cost at least $10. So recently, I’ve taken to making my own garden flags. I don’t even have to travel to a local craft store to get the fabric — I’ve been purchasing fabric for my garden flags from my local Walmart, which has a fabric section. So I thought it would be fun to do an Easter garden flag craft.

Easter garden flag
The inexpensive garden flag that I crafted for my home’s front garden.

Most recently, I made a leprechaun garden flag. (The fabric from that flag came from But now that Easter is coming up, I decided to replace that one with one for the Easter upcoming holiday. So, I went to Walmart and found a cute Easter Bunny print in green. Spending less than $3, I got about three-quarters of a yard of fabric.

When I got home from the store, I simply pinned the side and bottom edges of the fabric and sewed those, so I wouldn’t have any frayed edges. I then sewed about a two-inch sleeve on top of the flag in which to slip the arm from the garden flag pole. It only took less than 20 minutes of work to create my garden flag.

Easter door decoration
Easter door decoration


Using extra fabric, I made a decorative hanging for my front door to match the Easter flag.

Easter pillow

I even had enough fabric to create two Easter bunny pillows for my children, and both of my girls love them and have been taking their new pillows to bed with them every night ever since. Now that’s a $3 well spent!

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  1. Great idea! But where did you find the “flag pole”?