Organizer Pocket for Fridge Door

To see even less visual clutter on home’s fridge door, I decided to follow the advice I found at  and create my own refrigerator pocket organizer.

organizer bin for refrigerator door

The storage box I created to store items on my fridge.

The cereal box I had on hand was much smaller than the one she used, so instead of cutting off the top of the box, I cut open the side, so I could have an opening that would fit 8-inch by 11-inch papers.cereal box

I then found some leftover wrapping paper in green (my favorite color) and wrapped the box like I would any box with wrapping paper.

I secured magetic clips to the back to hold up the back of the wrapped cereal box, but my clips didn’t have enough holding power, so I had to rest my box on top of a magnetic memo pad and pen holder that I already have up on the fridge. I’ll have to get stronger magnets to hold up the box.

In the box, I put some takeout menus and coupons that were scattered on the surface of my fridge. I have to say that my  repurposed cereal box does do a good job of organizing the clutter that was on my fridge!

cereal box and wrapping paper

I wrapped my cereal box as I would wrap an ordinary gift.