Owl Mural Study Area

About a year ago, I created a study area in our large upstairs hallway for my two daughters. We used to have a large office desk in that area, but since getting our laptop, we didn’t use it much. Plus, the desk was so big, that my daughters had to walk a big circle around it at night to get from their shared bedroom to the bathroom. The desk was just way too big!

kids, study area, beanbag

This gives an idea of what I hope my kids’ new study area will look like!

So, I took that big behemoth desk apart and stored it in the basement. I brought up some items from the basement (I swear our basement has just about everything stored in it): a large folding table, an office lamp and two office chairs.

The transformation worked for a while, and my kids enjoyed their new desk. But after a while, they reverted to doing their homework on the kitchen table again. The kitchen is sunny and bright in the afternoon, and my kids seem to like to be where I am when they come home from school.

So, I started to wonder what else I should do with that hallway space. Plus, the desk has become such a mess! My kids just pile all of their stuff on it – so much so that the desk is barely visible underneath all their things!

New Study Area

So now, I have a new plan in place. I recently purchased my girls each a large beanbag chair from Lillian Vernon. One daughter chose a soft and fluffy lavender beanbag chair, while the other daughter chose the same style beanbag chair, but in pink.  I figure that the girls can use the new study and beanbag space as a reading area (they both have 20 minutes of reading time nightly for their homework), and can also use the hallway as a relaxing space to use their Kindles (Kindle Fire HD 7″, Dolby Audio, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, 16 GB – Includes Special Offers).

I figure I can add their toy chests to the study area as a place to store their things (I have been wanting to get the toy chests out of the living room for a long time), and a lamp to better light up the space.

Owl Mural

To add some color to the now drab space (with its white walls and beige carpeting), my daughters and I have chosen a spring green for the walls and an owl mural (RoomMates RMK1439SLM Scroll Tree Peel & Stick Wall Decal MegaPack) to put on the walls. Now, I have some work to do! I have to empty and carry up the toy chests, paint the walls in the new study space and add the mural! I’ll show you the results when I am done!

I shared my plans at the Sundae Scoop Link Pary. Check it out!


  1. I love that mural – my BFF has it in your babies nursery and it is the cutest! Those bean bags are pretty awesome too! :)
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