Pink, Gray and Blue Palette

The other day, I wrote about a blue and yellow paint color scheme that I am thinking of using for my home office. I have been considering the paint color scheme, since while the room is currently my office, I figure that in a few years, when my kids hit their tween years, they will no longer want to share a bedroom, and I will have to give up that space. One of my daughters loves blue, so I thought the space might make a good room for her, should I go with the blue and yellow color scheme.

But there is a problem with that plan — the room comes with a walk-in closet, while the other bedroom, the one that my kids currently share, doesn’t. And the child that absolutely loves fashion (and will no doubt have more clothes) is the daughter who simply adores pink. So, in the interest of having the room be a good fit someday for either child, I am thinking of going with an office paint color scheme that would suit both children. (I don’t want to have to totally repaint the room in a few years!)

Pink and Blue Paint Palette

So, I have been looking for paint color schemes that would accommodate both of my girls’ favorite paint colors, pink and blue. I found a beautiful pink and blue pillow from Caitlin Wilson Textiles that shows a pink and blue combination that I think would look beautiful in the room. I just love the way this pillow looks and how the colors go together.

Mint Fleur Chinoise Pillow, Caitlin Wilson Textiles

Mint Fleur Chinoise Pillow by Caitlin Wilson Textiles

I figure I could pick up the blue and pink in curtains or accent pillows in my home office.

Painted Gray Walls

If you look closely at the Mint Fleur pillow, you can see that a beautiful gray is used in the print, as well. Gray can be a very calming color, and would be a great hue for the walls of my home office (which are currently painted in an ugly builder-grade flat white). In another photo on the Caitlin Wilson Textiles website, the Mint Fleur pillow is paired with a gray chevron print. I think that the pink, blue and gray is a fun color combination — I may want to bring a gray chevron print (perhaps for the curtains) into  my new home office decor/design.

pillow, pink, gray, flower, chevron, Caitlin Wilson Textiles

Caitlin Wilson Textiles Mint Fleur pillow combined with chevron-print pillows


I’ve been checking out grays using Benjamin Moore’s color gallery, and I am thinking that the shade, “Light Pewter” might be a good fit for the room – I tend to like the more classic colors, and I think the pewter would go well with sky blue and cheery pink paint colors.

Who knows — for all I know, I may change my mind again next week about which paint colors to use in my home office, but I am liking this color combination now. What do you think?

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  1. I like the Pink and blue mixed with the chevron. I think going with the mix she will feel welcomed as well. Have fun choosing.