How to Create a Raised Garden Bed

Last year was a busy year! I started this website, and thankfully, at least a few people have read it! Thanks everyone for your visits! It’s been a fun year. For all you new readers out there, I thought I’d post some of the most-read posts from 2012 — enjoy! Since spring is approaching, I thought I share how I put my bacyard’s two raised garden bed together! It was easier than I thought it would be!

Last spring, one of the best things my daughters and I did together was designate an area of our yard for a raised garden bed, and start a flower and vegetable garden. We started small and planted sunflowers, peas, tomatoes and sunflowers.


A sunflower that grew in my garden last summer.

My daughters loved watching the sunflowers grow, and especially liked eating the peas straight out of the garden. This year, we decided to expand our garden, and bought the same raised garden kit that we purchased last spring from, the Farmstead Raised Garden Bed.

Earth Easy raised garden beds

The Farmstead Raised Garden Bed kit from Eartheasy is a cinch to put together.

Made from Vermont White Cedar, the wood in the raised garden beds don’t have any harmful chemicals that could affect our veggies. Plus, the beds’ slot and peg construction are so easy to put together — I was able to slide and secure the pieces in about 15 minutes top. The assembly is sturdy — my bed from last year is still holding up fine and is weathering the winter well.

I decided to go with a raised garden bed because the soil in my yard is hard clay — so constructing a raised bed and then adding rich soil was a lot easier than amending the existing soil. Plus, having the raised bed should help with drainage and keep the weeds down — last year, there were very few weeds in my family’s veggie plot.

My daughters are looking forward to gardening this spring. We hope to plant some peas around St. Patrick’s Day, as a good friend of mine from the Philadelphia area tells me that’s when she usually plants hers, with much success.

Check out this video from on how to install their raised garden beds.


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  1. I wish I had a green thumb, because I would LOVE to have a garden full of sun flowers. Maybe I will try again this year

    • Thanks, Diana! I had luck the first year with the sunflowers, but last spring, a family of groundhogs ate them all. Sniff!!! Thanks for the visit!

  2. This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing at Give Me the Goods Monday link party!! Can’t wait to follow your garden’s progress!!