DIY Bird Bath from a Clay Pot

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It’s been a few weeks since I planted my flower garden. Now that my garden is complete, I have been loving it!

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While the garden has been a haven for me, I’ve been hoping that the garden would also be a welcome place for birds as well. My kids and I love to bird watch!

The garden has lots of phlox, which I’ve heard can attract hummingbirds. I would love that!

purple phlox

My purple garden phlox

Sunflowers are also said to attract birds. But although my sunflower plant is big, it hasn’t flowered yet! I am hoping to get a sunflower or two soon!


sunflowers, lillies, birds

Sunflowers can attract birds to the garden


DIY Bird Bath for the Garden

I wanted to add a bird bath to the garden, but they can be so pricey! So, for only about $25, I picked up a large clay pot and saucer from my local garden store to make my own DIY bird bath. I like how deocorative the large clay pot for my DIY bird bath looks.


clay, pot, saucer, DIY, bird bath

I made my bird bath from a simple clay pot and saucer from the garden store.


To make my DIY bird bath, all I did was turn the clay pot upside down. I then steadied it in the mulch by pushing the pot down, and centered the clay saucer on top. The bird bath is very sturdy! When I water the flowers, I spray some water into my DIY bird bath with the garden hose. My DIY bird bath is perfect, since it only holds just enough water for a day, so I can add fresh water the next day.

I haven’t seen any birds in my homemade bird bath yet, but there has been some “evidence” so to speak that birds have been there — LOL.

Maybe when I finally locate the hummingbird feeder I purchased a year or two ago, there will be even more birds in my garden! The garden is located just outside our side living room window, so it’s in the perfect spot for some bird watching!

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