Cheap Basement Remodeling Ideas

Since moving into our home over 8 years ago, the only thing we’ve done to our basement is pile lots of junk in it. The basement is spacious and has fairly high ceilings for a basement, but it is so filled with stuff, that we can use the space for little else but storage. So, I am always looking for cheap basement remodeling ideas.

I do have a playroom area set aside in the basement for my kids to play in, but even that is messy. When my children’s friends come over to play, I don’t let them play in the basement playroom, since I fear it could be a safety issue with all those stacked boxes everywhere. I’d love to clean up the space and the toys and make it a nice playroom for the kids.

Cheap Basement Remodeling Ideas on Pinterest

But since I don’t want to sink tons of money into the basement, I’ve been researching cheap basement remodeling ideas. I have found that the social media site, Pinterest, is a great place to find cheap basement remodeling ideas. On Pinterest, lots of people have already done the research for me on cheap basement remodeling ideas, so I have found lots of basement design ideas and basement idea photos there. I’ve made my own Pinterest board to show some of the cheap basement remodeling ideas I like the best.

I like the idea of using a basement floor epoxy (like the one made by Rustoleum) or sticking on laminate floor tiles for finishing the basement floor. On Pinterest, I found beautiful floor tiles that resemble wood floors. The Rustoleum epoxy can even be used on concrete basement walls to give them a more finished look.

I’ve also pinned several photos of how others have improved the look of their basement ceilings by spraying everything in a white or black paint. I am wondering if staining the basement beams and ceilings would work, too, but that would have to be done with a brush, and would be much more time intensive.

“Hardwood” Basement Stairs

Several homeowners have beautified their basement stairs by staining the treads in a dark wood stain and painting the risers white, giving the stairs the look of classic hardwood stairs. I love that, and might try it!

painted, wood stairs

Painted wood stairs from Southern Hospitality blog.

Have any cheap basement remodeling ideas? I’d love to hear them!


  1. Christine says:

    This is beautiful. I really wish I had a basement. A room like this looks so relaxing.

    • I agree! I hope to make my basement look something like this — but there is so much work to do! Thanks for stopping by!

      • Cool! Renos are such a pain but totally worth the efofrt! :) I’ve been really busy so I haven’t been blogging but I hope to post soon! I’m twittering though! :)*joy*

  2. Hello! I’m visiting from the Ultimate Blog Party. It’s great to visit your blog – I love the look of it!! I’m exeictd to look around more. I’m now following you on email, Fb, Twitter, and Pinterest!

  3. Not that many basements in California, but I think your stair would have been great in my two-story remodel.