Organizing Kid Spaces in the Home

When my kids were babies, we kept most of their toys in a small bookshelf that we kept in the living room. Their baby toys didn’t take up much space. But, as they got older, they got more and more toys, and before I knew it, their toys were all over the house.

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The toy boxes in our living room will hopefully soon be moved to a basement playroom.

Over the years, I’ve done various things to find a space for them to play in, and a place for their toys. At first, my husband and I kept two large toy boxes in the living room to hold all their toys. But now that they are older, I am hoping to replace those toy boxes with a sofa, and move the toy boxes into a basement playroom that I hope to create. I am also hoping to create a fun study area in an upstairs hallway — I hope to decorate the walls with a fun owl and tree wall decal, and I have already purchased beanbags for them.

Looking to organize your kid’s bedroom, or create a fun playroom or study space? Then these posts, which I’ve written over the past few months about my organizing efforts, might help.


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Ideas for Cheap Basement Remodeling


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Owl Mural Study Area


bookcase organized with Closet Maid fabric drawers





Toy Organization

DVDs in binder





Kids DVDs – Organized!


Lily Rose twin bed with drawers underneath





Storage for Children’s Bedrooms

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  1. I’m pinning this for reference. Each time I organize the kids’ room, in less than a week I’m back organizing again! (Sigh!!)