Butterflies, Sunflowers and Ladybugs

The past few days have been busy at Mom Home Guide!

sunflower, garden

A photo of taken from my living room window of my garden’s sunflower in bloom.

A lot happened over the weekend. One of the most exciting things that happened is that the Insect Lore butterflies and ladybugs that we ordered through the mail have started to come out of their metamorphoses!

The first to emerge were a few ladybugs, and then two butterflies came out of their chrysalises. My kids are very excited! We are planning to release the butterflies and ladybugs in our new perennial garden when all the butterflies and ladybugs finally emerge  – which will probably be by next weekend.


insect lore, butterfly, painted lady

A painted lady butterfly in our Insect Lore butterfly habitat


Butterfly and Ladybug Kits

My daughters and I are hoping that the butterflies and ladybugs will decide to stick around and make our new perennial garden their home! A good thing (I guess…) is that I accidentally ordered two butterfly kits from Amazon, so I will be sending in the second kit’s coupon in soon for a new butterfly batch so my kids can have some more butterfly fun before the school year starts in September!


Mighty Green Wheelbarrow

Another great thing this weekend was that my husband helped me to put my new wheelbarrow (by Marathon Industries) together for me. The wheelbaroow is very sturdy, has two wheels and is in my favorite color, green. The wheelbarrow should come in handy when I dig up and plant my new front yard spring garden the next few weeks. (I plan to order some lillies and tulip bulbs from White Flower Farm this year — I’ll have to let you know how that turns out!)

When I planted my home’s new perennial garden, I lugged the heavy bags of dirt and mulch from the car one by one! My new wheelbarrow should make loading the dirt, etc., from the van much easier.

I was going to build the wheelbarrow myself, but thankfully, my husband helped out — it would have taken me a lot longer than he took to put the wheelbarrow together!

Sunflower in Bloom

Another nice surprise this weekend was that one of our sunflowers (we have three ) has finally bloomed! The sunflowers sit just outside of one of our living room’s windows, and I figure that the two tallest are about 6 feet high. (The smallest is about5 feet high.) My daughters and I can’t wait until the other two sunflowers bloom! I hope the sunflowers will be as pretty as the sunflower that bloomed in my home’s backyard garden a previous summer!

a closeup of a sunflower

A sunflower that I grew in my family’s raised garden bed last summer.

New Front Yard Garden Coming Soon!

Luckily (for me!) my daughters will be home from camp this week. So, with their help and the help of my new wheelbarrow, hopefully we can get started on a new garden bed for the front yard garden! I’ll have to plant some fall annuals in the garden so they don’t have to wait until spring to see the results!