Curbside Garden

The weather has been hot here in New Jersey, but that hasn’t stopped me from doing some gardening!

The other day I got it in my head to beautify the strip of grass that lies between the curb and the sidewalk at the front of the house. I mean, what is that little bit of grass for, anyway? It’s a pain to mow and all that really grows there are weeds and crabgrass. Not pretty.

garden, curb, flower

The strip of grass between the sidewalk and the strip — before I got to planting.

So while the kids were playing on the Slip N Slide the other day, I got out a shovel and removed the grass — I was surprised at how quickly the grass came up.

new flower garden

When I planted my impatiens, I added some topsoil before covering the area with pea pebbles.

I then planted a flat of impatiens that I picked up for not very much at the local garden store.

curbside garden, curb appeal


Instant Curb Appeal

After I planted the flowers, I put down some pea pebbles to prevent weeds. I think it looks OK, but I am wondering if just plain mulch would have looked better — what do you think?

Next year, I’d like to plant some perennials in my new street side garden so I won’t have to buy new flowers for the curbside garden every year. I wonder what kind of perennial plants or flowers would look good in that space?

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  1. What a creative idea! It’s practical and attractive.

  2. Dear Lauren,
    You are truly a DIY queen! My hands are useless when it comes to anything craft or garden-related. Thank goodness for my husband. His fingers may be monstrous but they sure are dexterous ;). We actually planted some flowers last year in our front yard..spent hours in the brutal Texas heat…only to find out that the deer had uprooted them in the middle of the night. That was lovely haha. Instant curb appeal is right! And I enjoyed the tour of your home. I esp LOVE the bay window! I could read there all day.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Min — I love your blog! Sorry to hear that deer dug up your flowers — we have bunnies in our yard, but so far, they stick to the vegetable garden. LOL!