Spring Break Activities for Kids

With some kids home from spring break this week, plenty of parents will be looking for fun activities to do with their kids. These are some of the fun things that I’ve already done or have planned for my kids, and I am sure your children will love doing these spring break activities for kids, too!

This spring break, why not start a spring vegetable garden with the kids?

This spring break, why not start a spring vegetable garden with the kids?

Start a Spring Garden

In the Mid-Atlantic States, where I live with my family, now is a great time to begin a spring garden by planting some peas. Peas are a super easy crop to grow. So, I am hoping to start some peas with my kids tomorrow. Planting peas is not hard– last year all I did was put some topsoil down in our raised garden bed and plant. This year, I plan to start our garden much in the same way, but I hope to create some twig trellises to give the peas something to grow on, too.

Kids love gardening — if you’d like to start a garden with your kids this week, check out the What to Plant Now guide from Mother Earth News.

See a Movie

There are great movies out in the theater this week. My kids and I have already seen “The Croods” and “Oz: The Great and Powerful.” We saw the regular non-3D versions of both, and both were fantastic. “Oz” shows how the wizard Came to the land of Oz before Dorothy, and “The Croods” follows a ragtag caveman family as they find a brave new world beyond their cave. While Oz is a live-action film with spectacular special effects and The Croods is an animated film, I found myself enjoying The Croods a whole lot more! I tend to lose interest in many kid movies mid-film, but The Croods kept my attention the whole time. I also loved the message about love and family that this movie contained.

Begin a Project

Last week, my kids and I were lucky enough to come across a lovely wooden dollhouse on the side of the road. It needs a bit of work, but my kids and I plan to “remodel” the house. We have purchased several different scrapbook papers to simulate paint, wallpaper and wood floors. So far, I have re-wallpapered one of the rooms, and hope to start on another room for my kids tomorrow! We also bought some inexpensive unfinished wooden dollhouse furniture and some acryllic paints from a local craft store, and my kids have already painted a few of the pieces for their new dollhouse. They are so excited!

Dye Easter Eggs or Bake

Spring break is also a fun time to dye Easter eggs — my daughters and I may be dying some eggs tomorrow. Kids also love to bake — it doesn’t have to be fancy. You could always make some brownies out of the box (with a boxed mix) or make some Rice Krispies treats — kids just love to get in the kitchen! I may be making some Rice Krispie treats tomorrow!

Get Some Ice Cream

If the weather is warm enough in your area, why not go out and get some ice cream or frozen yogurt and enjoy the treats outdoors and dream of warmer days to come!

If you have any fun spring break ideas for the kids, please share them in the comments!


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